About Us

Don’t Sell Your Plane. QuickTurn It.

QuickTurn Aircraft

QuickTurn Aircraft is a service of High Performance Aviation, LLC, a registered FAA aircraft dealer and a broker with over 13 years of aircraft transaction experience. We like to make airplane deals fast and easy.

Selling an aircraft shouldn’t be difficult but so many owners have experienced listing their plane online to get bombarded by people wanting to buy their plane (or so they say). Someone makes an offer (without even having their financing lined up yet) and ties up the plane for a month while they try to figure out a prebuy plan. Then they try to renegotiate the deal. In the mean time they continue to spend time on the phone answering the same questions to “tire kickers” who have no intention of actually buying. The paperwork can be confusing, and it’s challenging to know what a fair value is for your plane or how to handle the transaction. We aim to take away that hassle.

With QuickTurn Aircraft, the process is simple, you upload your aircraft info, we review it, and within as little as 3 days we try to provide an offer if the plane meets our buying criteria. If we reach an agreement we would fly to your location to do a maintenance check on the plane. If all is good, you get paid securely through an aviation escrow company, and then (after you get paid) we fly the plane back to our facility. Curbside service, as easy as trading in a car.

What to expect: The form will take a little time to enter in all the details on your plane. But don’t worry. If you don’t have everything just enter what you can, and you can come back to the form to finish the rest later.

How much will we pay: It depends on a variety of factors including pedigree, maintenance status, cosmetic condition, and market desirability. We try to make a fair and respectable offer.

Even if you’re not sure if you want to sell us your plane, you’re welcome to fill out the form and give it a try. If you choose not to accept our offer, no hard feelings.